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1/200 40mm Bofors with out Shields

1/200 40mm Bofors with out Shields

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Some ships utilized the defensive benefits of the Bofors without protective armor on them. There were several reasons for this: Sometimes the guns took damaged, and the plates were simply removed.  Early versions didn't even come with the shields. But more often than not, weight was a serious concern. Placing a large gun like this up on a Fletcher destroyer would cause the ship to be "top heavy".  This may also be true of aircraft carriers. 

But whatever the reason for you may be, we are happy to provide this version of the gun without shields and equipment covers in place. We utilized photos we took in Pearl Harbor of a real gun and online sources. 

To see how to remove these guns from their supports, please watch this video featuring the shielded version of the gun: 1/200 40mm Quad Bofors For Sale (

Stern Plate Instructions pdf

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