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1/200 Scale Boxes & Supplies

1/200 Scale Boxes & Supplies

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Every ship had supplies: food, ammunition, clothing, oil, fuel, brooms, plates, everything a navy needed to function at sea. Our 1/200 Scale Boxes and Supplies set aims to bring some of these items to your build. It doesn't matter which ship your building, if you'd like to add some realism to your build this is a great place to start! 

Each kit includes: 8 Large Crates.  7 Small Square Crates.  11 Fifty-Five Gallon Drums.   7 Saw Horses.   9 Pallets.  21 Pallets with Boxes stacked on them in three different configurations. 

The pallets with supplies on them are arranged in such a way that you can turn each one 90 degrees in relation to the one next to it, giving it a new, random appearance. Creating several different options for display, despite only having 3 sets of stores. 

Like everything at The Midwest Model Shop, these are made with the modeler in mind.  Carefully remove the corner and side protectors, then you will easily be able to disconnect each type of store from the others while still attached to the base. This will ease painting and handling until you are ready to install the part on your build. 

Stern Plate Instructions pdf

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