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1/350 Titanic Bench Set

1/350 Titanic Bench Set

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Our 1/350 Scale Bench Set for Titanic is a smaller version of our 1/200 scale set. All of the same attention to detail was used to produce this product as the larger version. 

Included are 50 of the full-sized benches and 10 of the smaller benches. The extras were included in case you "need" them for any reason. 

In our video release of this product, I mentioned that painting these with an airbrush was probably a good idea. But it occurred to me that some of you may not have an airbrush and I wondered how they would turn out with some careful brush painting. Those results are what you see in the pictures here.  All colors are AK paints. 

Please watch our video here on how to remove the benches from the supports:

Stern Plate Instructions pdf

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